Mahindra Graphic Research Design S.r.l.

MGRD is a well-known established player in the Italian spectrum of engineering companies offering solutions and services of excellence for the management and overseeing of complex processes in the automobile sector and, likewise, in the industrial design field.


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Man has always dreamed, imagined, planned and faced the challenge of transforming an idea into reality. The history of MGRD is the story of such a challenge.

Over the course of time we have created an organisational identity able to channel its own resources and human capital to give form and content to the concept of mobility.

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Styling Development

Know-how, innovative equipment and processes, professionals with outstanding interior and exterior car design experience are the essential elements which enables MGRD to create the team and the...


Feasibility studies

Feasibility is the most delicate phase and is the real expression of MGRD’s experience. MGRD can offer its feasibility expertise in the following areas: the underbody, the upperbody and all the...



MGRD’s support services for the development of interiors offer direct assistance both to carmakers and to system and component suppliers. In line with the initial agreement on project responsibility (RASIC), we...




20 vehicles (body and trims) developed in less than 20 years
With the maximum level of confidentiality and protection of data

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Project #04

This project has been the engineering of a SUV with sort rear overhang derived from rear long overhang vehicle. The BIW solution and tailgate concept have completed redefined to improve the door sag...


Project #07

This project have been a successful tentative to build up to an existing small platform a very styling and sportive car using many common systems. The project plan has been drastically contracted...


Project #08

This project has been a complex study to reach the knee protection requirement for the USA market with existing IP and without the implementation of a knee bag. A special attention was required to...