Mahindra Graphic Research Design S.r.l., hereafter MGRD, is a well-known established player in the Italian spectrum of engineering companies offering solutions and services of excellence for the management and overseeing of complex processes in the automobile sector and, likewise, in the industrial design field.

The attention and sensibility to new development directives of the global market guide the investments and continual evolution of MGRD.

In its role of System Leader for bodies and trims, MGRD presents itself as a unifier of competences and a co-ordinator of top-class companies capable of working together for shared objectives.

MGRD plays itself as long-term partner for its customers, shareholders and employees. We strive to achieve profitable growth and lasting added value for our shareholders and employees.


Experience, dominance in know-how, tradition, passion and that special Italian sensibility for cars and design, make MGRD the right partner to guarantee project success, starting with an idea for design and leading on to the creation of a material industrial product.

In recent years, MGRD has transformed the knowledge acquired during the various process stages in the automobile sector into competence, ranging from style to production with a specific specialisation for body in white, closures, internal trims, dashboards, external trims. This competence enables MGRD to manage its own resources, those of its suppliers and to support the clients’ internal teams in order to guarantee quality and success of the product through process optimisation, and time and cost saving.

MGRD aims to be an efficient System Leader able to offer and co-ordinate a wide range of services thanks to the resources it is able to provide, its human capital, its vocation for working with large international clients and by virtue of its own cultural heritage in the Italian tradition in its sector.

The Company intends to increase its level of integration and interaction within an industrial context, which imposes a sharing of know-how and co-operation between the client and the network of the companies involved. For this purpose, it adopts organisational models and data processing tools in order to facilitate collaboration, sharing of know-how and process monitoring between the final customer and the supplier network. Awareness of responsibility regarding company safety, data protection and legal requirements constitutes the guideline on which the legislative, contractual and data processing systems protecting employees, clients and partners are based.

The Company intends to maintain its own level of excellence and to increase its prestige by means of continual professional growth of its personnel through continually new challenges and focused training programmes.


The Company was founded in 1996 by Giacomo Beltramo and Rolando Sanmartino and has always been a point of reference for the major car stylists and manufacturers in the Turin area, considered worldwide to be one of the most interesting in the design field. This has fostered important international ties and, finally, in 2008 attracted Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd to Turin. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd chose and acquired MGRD to undertake an international journey which will lead to their becoming one of the top players worldwide in the service field.

Mahindra Rise

A US $16.5 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India, we are one of the most IT driven organization with more than 180,000 people in over 100 countries.


Our reactive team

MGRD's value consists in the seventy people who, organised and directed towards collaboration with external teams and working groups, guarantee the success of the projects undertaken. Organisation, quality human resources and management tools and process control constitute the basis for the methodology and spirit with which MGRD faces the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

The attainment of the desired goals and customer satisfaction represent the principal directive for every single MGRD resource. MGRD's policy regarding personnel has always been characterised by an attentive selection of the best resources, continuous training and professional growth of our human capital.


MGRD is currently administered by managers who, after various initial work experiences, have for many years shared the path of growth and achievement of the Company.

They have been assigned the task of preserving its heritage in the continuity of its values and experience, and of successfully dealing with the challenges of innovation and competition in an ever-increasing global market.

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Carlo Benedicti

Engineering Director