Our reactive team

MGRD's value consists in the seventy people who, organised and directed towards collaboration with external teams and working groups, guarantee the success of the projects undertaken. Organisation, quality human resources and management tools and process control constitute the basis for the methodology and spirit with which MGRD faces the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

The attainment of the desired goals and customer satisfaction represent the principal directive for every single MGRD resource. MGRD's policy regarding personnel has always been characterised by an attentive selection of the best resources, continuous training and professional growth of our human capital.


MGRD is currently administered by managers who, after various initial work experiences, have for many years shared the path of growth and achievement of the Company.

They have been assigned the task of preserving its heritage in the continuity of its values and experience, and of successfully dealing with the challenges of innovation and competition in an ever-increasing global market.

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Carlo Benedicti

Engineering Director