• Project #02

    This project have been a successful tentative to quickly replace and existing and popular vehicle, building it up to an existing small platform a very styling and fashion car using many common systems. The project plan has been drastically contracted respect to the standard and many different stile proposals have been meticulously analysed.

  • Project #03

    This project has been a successful development of a C segment vehicle up to working progress new platform.

    The vehicle has been redesigned two times with two complete different stile solutions.

  • Project #04

    This project has been the engineering of a SUV with sort rear overhang derived from rear long overhang vehicle. The BIW solution and tailgate concept have completed redefined to improve the door sag performance respect to the existing product. Moreover the interior and exterior rear trim had, as a target, the integration of many utility features for the final customer.

  • Project #05

    C segment notchback sedan vehicle 4.65 meter long, production and target market China. Designed by an important Italian stile firm this project have been a successful tentative to make a luxury car in term of finishing and handling, but keeping down cost following the poor homologation requirement of the target markets.

  • Project #06

    This project has been a 2 Door and 4 Door pickup cab derived from an existing SUV separated frame. The BIW and the under body structure have been redesigned to save as much part as possible from the existing vehicle. The rear door for the 4 doors version, have been improved to reduce noise and the solution have been applied also to the existing vehicle.

  • Project #09

    This project is a passenger vehicle derived from light commercial vehicle cab. Two versions requested: standard with side swing door and High level with side sliding doors. The IP target product level was much higher than competitor and close to and European A class vehicle.

  • Project #12

    This project has been first of all a light restyling of an existing sedan vehicle and parallel the transformation of it on a fast back version.

  • Project #15

    This project has been first of all the common challenge of three important OEM to build a compact professional vehicle multi version and brand including a multiple pure passenger/utility version. The three OEM design centre have proposed different stile up a common packaging ad vehicle architecture.