Flash MGRD’s nerve centre – Where decisions flow and become actions.

Co-ordinating everything from RFQ through project management up to invoice preparation

Flash is co-operation between:

  • Sales department and Program management on RFQ for quicker proposals and effective coordinated presentations.
  • Program management and Engineering on project development to meet deadlines and deliverables fulfilling customer requirements.
  • Program management and financial department on activity reporting to consolidate and prepare project invoices.
  • Design department and Engineering on solution definition to achieve the most effective and original concepts.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing on parts design to best harmonise production and performances
  • Manufacturing and Dimensional Management team on production and assembly strategies for highest quality achievements.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing on concepts to ensure faster style-to-production match.
  • CAE and Engineering on parts design to reduce weight and achieve best safety targets
  • The various Engineering subsystems for faster interface issue resolutions.
  • Cost Engineering and Engineering to reduce design loops on cost reduction
  • Sales and Engineering for faster reaction to customer requirements.
  • HR and Program management on skill tracking for training plan and effective program definition.

Flash is a Phase and Gate system:

MGRD’s product development process is based on a traditional phase and gate system. In addition to managing the stages of the project and all the milestones/deliverables right up to product launch, Flash also sets the following objectives:

  • Reducing bureaucracy
  • Adapting to customer’s processes
  • Evaluating potential risks in a project and actions for cost reduction
  • Real-time resource and skills management to guarantee project schedules

Flash: FLexible, Ample, SHaring

FLexible: Flexibility in adapting to the specific requirements and organisation of the customer by planning the activities of multifunctional and mixed teams (customer/MGRD).

Ample: An ample range of specific services which can be integrated into the main activity, with which MGRD can also mitigate the risks deriving from temporary shortcomings on the part of the customer.

SHaring: The sharing of the project, starting from the description of the s