Designing dreams

Man has always dreamed, imagined, planned and faced the challenge of transforming an idea into reality. The history of MGRD is the story of such a challenge.

Over the course of time we have created an organisational identity able to channel its own resources and human capital to give form and content to the concept of mobility.

The car has always had to, and even more so today, come up with effective and innovative solutions to the constantly changing demands of emotions, functionality, aesthetic taste, containment of running costs, life and ergonomics. 

Fully aware of the complexity of this process, MGRD is proud to place its experience, its renowned Italian creativity, inventiveness and innovative capacity at the disposition of the client.

Tailored to your organization

MGRD is able to offer integrated services to satisfy the requirements of its clients by adapting itself to the client’s organization. Together with our client, we analyse, anticipate and manage both the risks associated with product development and those arising from the process of project management, with the aim of making the best use of our competence and of guaranteeing the feasibility and best possible quality of the product.

MGRD is a real system integrator which, thanks to its own product management data processing system known as FLASH, is able to manage and improve production processes from the original idea right up to commercial launch.
In MGRD, in fact, we believe that the “Vehicle System” is the conglomeration of subsystems, each having the same importance and complexity.

Starting from this supposition, our teams are organised in such a way to guarantee the essential technical approach and in-depth understanding of all the aspects of the individual system and context in which it is included.

Styling Development

Know-how, innovative equipment and processes, professionals with outstanding interior and exterior car design experience are the essential elements which enables MGRD to create the team and the ideal direction and  give form to continually new interpretations of “emotional functionality”. The flexibility in separately managing the different design stages and the proven experience of integration with engineering, enable MGRD to provide competitive solutions ranging from brand analysis to model construction.

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Feasibility studies

Feasibility is the most delicate phase and is the real expression of MGRD’s experience. MGRD can offer its feasibility expertise in the following areas: the underbody, the upperbody and all the vehicle trims. 

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Body in white development

For years sheet metal steel has been the most sustainable way to produce and therefore design car structure for high volume production. Each year over the last twenty years MGRD has successfully developed a complete BIW structure. Each development has always been characterized by a careful evaluation of all the advancements in materials properties, joining technologies and their forming in order to develope solutions that achieve the best product features with minimum cost and weight.

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Doors and Closures

Side Doors, bonnets, gates, back doors and sliding doors are systems having similar complexities and characteristics to those mentioned in the BIW system session, with the implication of complicated kinematic and movable parts that directly and significantly affect instantaneous customer perception.

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MGRD’s support services for the development of interiors offer direct assistance both to carmakers and to system and component suppliers. In line with the initial agreement on project responsibility (RASIC), we are able to take on the supervision of system suppliers and the responsibility for developing modules, reaching the targets set, while at the same time taking into account costs, deadlines, specifications and legal requirements for the various distribution markets.

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In exteriors development, the interaction between the body and all supporting elements connected to it, play a fundamental role in the perception of quality.

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MGRD’s lighting development services are provided both directly to carmakers and indirectly to systems and components suppliers.

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MGRD’s full glazing development services are provided both directly to carmakers and indirectly to systems and components suppliers.

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MGRD’s full sealing development services are provided both directly to carmakers and indirectly to systems and components suppliers.

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