For years sheet metal steel has been the most sustainable way to produce and therefore design car structure for high volume production. Each year over the last twenty years MGRD has successfully developed a complete BIW structure. Each development has always been characterized by a careful evaluation of all the advancements in materials properties, joining technologies and their forming in order to develope solutions that achieve the best product features with minimum cost and weight.

With a pondered use of HSS (high strength steel), sheet metal still remains the basic technology able to satisfy the requirements of a large vehicles market for which we are proud to put our long experience and high standards at your service. Looking ahead to new equilibria between demands for lightweight materials and their cost-effectiveness for mass production, we can hybridize the structure integrating lighter materials and alloys by exploiting the most efficient technologies of forming and joining of the parts. As system leader, MGRD can manage or provide all necessary activities for BIW development and monitor it with FLASH support.

Main BIW development activities:

  • 3D studies and detailing,
  • Proto and production drawings or 3D annotations.
  • Fitting and assembling simulation
  • Assembling and locator strategy definition
  • Welding points and all other joinery solution definition
  • Change management
  • Problem solving

Integrated activities:

  • Benchmarking
    In addition to the huge database available, we can provide physical benchmarking which, through systematic dismantling operations, can offer:
    • Geometrical solution description and related pro & cons;
    • Fixings/joinery/assembling strategy;
    • Material proprieties;
    • Modal/stiffness analysis and target setting;
    • Ergonomic value;
    • Photo scanning etc…
  • Virtual Validations:
    • CAE
      • NVH: Vibration, Body stiffness and acoustics
      • Strength & Durability: body durability, spot welds and other joinery technology analyses
      • Passive safety: Full vehicle crashworthiness and biomechanical analysis
      • Structural optimization: For stamped and other forming technology in order to optimize system structure and reduce weight.
    • Sheet metal pressing: Preliminary pressing simulation, pressing method definition, consecutive complete set of pressing simulations, proto and production dies design from short to long lead time components.
    • Assembling: In addition to our experience in proposing assembling strategy and reference points according to the project needs, we can provide feature design services both for proto and for production assembling, focusing on specific project issues or multi-purpose feature requirement.
    • GD&T 3D tolerances chain simulation: This activity is carried out using 3DCS software for the complete BIW structure.The target is project optimization, definition and sharing of both tolerances plan and Gap&Flush. Thanks to our diagnostic experience, we are also able to carry out post-production verification, using the same software to optimize the existing solution utilising reverse engineering methods.