The relationship between materials with different physical properties, the tolerances resulting from both complex assembling sequencing and by conspicuous distances and finally the atmospherical agents to which they are subjected, requires in the very first phase of the project a multidisciplinary collaboration between MGRD, OEM, the moulds equipment and finished components supplier, which can be co-ordinated by MGRD with the aid of FLASH

As previously described for internal trim, MGRD has had a lot of experience in its development both with OEM and with components manufacturers, and today presents itself as system integrator and leader.

The services provided by MGRD cover all development stages, from the initial layout definition stages to concept development and analysis, taking into account production, fixing, assembling, safety, assistance, environmental and legal requirements.

MGRD’s main development activities are:

  • Benchmarking:
    In addition to our vast database, we can offer physical benchmarking which, through systematic dismantling operations, can provide:
    • Geometrical solution description and related pros & cons.
    • Fixings/joinery/assembling strategy.
    • Material properties.
    • Modal/stiffness analysis and target setting,
    • Ergonomic values
    • Photo scanning, etc...
  • Layout definition, initial packaging, Style volumes proposal and pedestrian requirement
    Layout definition is fundamental in the initial stages of the project as an aid to styling, ergonomics and, above all, safety in defining initial concepts and evaluations especially for the front part of the body with regard to pedestrian impact. MGRD has recently advanced this activity not only for the positioning of the main components, but also to define technical styling surfaces which meet the main functional, safety and production process requirements.
  • Exterior development:
    • DMU, FMEA, BOM
    • Style feasibility studies
    • 3D studies and detailing.
    • Kinematic simulations
    • Proto and production drawings or 3D annotations.
    • Fitting and assembling simulation for components and sub systems
    • Assembling and locator strategy definition
    • Welding and all other joinery solution definition
    • Integration and installation of systems such as mirrors, roofs, lighting etc..
    • Change management
    • Problem solving

Integrated activities:

  • Virtual Validations:
    • CAE
      • NVH: Vibration, stiffness and acoustics
      • Occupant safety, pedestrian, insurance crash:
      • Strength & Durability: durability, load case misuse, welding and other joinery technology analysis
      • CFD: airflow management simulation and water wading simulation.
    • GD&T 3D tolerances chain simulation: This activity is carried out using 3DCS software for the complete exterior system. The target is project optimization, definition and sharing of both tolerances plan and Gap&Flush. Thanks to our diagnostic experience, we are also able to carry out post-production verification, using the same software to optimize the existing solution utilising reverse engineering methods.
  • Physical Validations:
    • Rapid prototyping and Physical Mock-up
    • Support to the physical test and SOP
  • Main systems covered by MGRD:
    • Front bumper (and front module)
    • Rear bumper (and rear module/bracketing)
    • Spoilers
    • Door and fender moulds
    • Roof racks
    • Miniskirt
    • Exterior plenum cover
    • Wheels cover
    • Spare wheel cover
    • Tail gate applique
    • Under floor cover, grave protection, heat shields.
    • Mirrors
    • Roof modules: Sun roofs, Tilting roofs, Glass sun roofs, Retractable hardtops, Soft tops
    • Front and rear lights
    • Sealing
    • Glazing