MGRD’s support services for the development of interiors offer direct assistance both to carmakers and to system and component suppliers. In line with the initial agreement on project responsibility (RASIC), we are able to take on the supervision of system suppliers and the responsibility for developing modules, reaching the targets set, while at the same time taking into account costs, deadlines, specifications and legal requirements for the various distribution markets.

The desires, comfort and needs of both driver and passengers, technical developments and trends in different markets are complex factors, of which we clearly perceive the care taken as soon as we get into a new car.

MGRD assists its customers by providing ideas, finding solutions for every requirement and type of product in terms of quality, functionality, comfort and ergonomics, all of which play a fundamental role in the development of an interior. Aware of the complexity of the new challenges deriving from these factors, and thanks to FLASH, MGRD is able to create an organic interactive and communicative system with all the customer’s departments and suppliers, as well as with its own partners. The aim is sharing the goal, improving the perceived quality in harmony with functionality, ergonomics, shape, colour, materials, production feasibility, and the strictest safety requirements.

MGRD’s main development activities are:

  • Benchmarking:
    In addition to our vast database, we can offer physical benchmarking which, through systematic dismantling operations, can provide:
    • Geometrical solution description and related pros & cons.
    • Fixings/joinery/assembling strategy.
    • Material proprieties.
    • Modal/stiffness analysis and target setting,
    • Ergonomic values
    • Photo scanning, etc…
  • Vehicle layout definition, initial packaging, Style volumes proposal
    Preliminary layout definition is of fundamental importance in the early stages as an aid to styling and ergonomics in defining initial concepts and in making preliminary evaluations. MGRD has recently advanced this activity not only for the positioning of the main components, but also to define technical styling surfaces which meet the main functional, safety and production process requirements.
  • Rooming support activities
    To complete the preliminary planning stage we are able to increase the level of perception and evaluation of obtainable results by means of instruments such as CAVA layout, the modelling of styling surfaces from sketches, as well as hyper-realistic rendering.
  • Interiors development:
    • DMU, FMEA, BOM
    • Style feasibility studies
    • 3D studies and detailing.
    • Proto and production drawings or 3D annotations.
    • Fitting and assembling simulation for components and sub systems
    • Assembling and locator strategy definition
    • Welding and all other joinery solution definition
    • Change management
    • Problem solving

Integrated activities

  • Virtual Validations:
    • CAE
      • NVH: Vibration, stiffness and acoustics
      • Occupant safety simulation: Including airbag inflation and the direct interfaces.
      • Strength & Durability: durability, load case misuse, welding and other joinery technology analysis
      • CFD: Passenger air conditioning, airflow management
    • GD&T 3D tolerances chain simulation: This activity is carried out using 3DCS software for the complete interior system. The target is project optimization, definition and sharing of both tolerances plan and Gap&Flush. Thanks to our diagnostic experience, we are also able to carry out post-production verification, using the same software to optimize the existing solution utilising reverse engineering methods.
  • Physical Validations:
    • Rapid prototyping and Physical Mock-up
    • Support to the physical test and SOP

Dashboard and centre console

The dashboard is without doubt one of the most complex internal trim systems.

Thanks to the experience gained by MGRD, working directly with carmakers and individual systems manufacturers, we are able to foresee all eventualities related not only to assembling, process, functionality and safety, but also responsiveness in maintenance services. We are also able to anticipate and document all the risks connected to the project in order to show and demonstrate the need for the involvement of the supplier right from the start.

Main systems covered by MGRD:

  • Cross car beam
  • Dashboard main body structure
  • Dashboard Exterior cover upper and lower in all technologies:
    • Hard
    • Wrapped
      • Thermoformed (PVC, TPO, TPO2)
      • IMG (in mould grain)
      • Leather
    • Foamed
      • Thermoformed (PVC, TPO, TPO2)
      • IMG (in mould grain)
      • Slush (PVC)
      • Leather
  • Glove box and mechanisms
  • Centre console
  • All Air vents typologies
  • Air ducts
  • Various features and housing development

Components development and integration:

  • HVAC integration
  • Steering column and body control system integration
  • Steering column shroud development
  • Air bag integration
  • Electrical layout development according to the specifications
  • Switches and switch modules integration


The body in white interface and its related components have a direct bearing on the development of the trim. Aware of this fact, our trim teams are also deliberately composed of engineers who have considerable experience in packaging and BIW engineering. Such a choice has an important effect on the ability of our teams to find functional and proactive solutions for body interface features. Our competence is also demonstrated by our capacity to propose innovative solutions, many of which have led our customers to protect them with patents.

Main system covered by MGRD:

  • Headliner
  • Sun visors
  • Deformable parts
  • Overhead console
  • Upper pillar trim
  • Lower pillar trim
  • Add-on parts
  • Airbag integration
  • Seat belt integration
  • Door/closures trims
  • Luggage compartment systems/trim
  • Floor trim/acoustic damping


More and more often carmakers are obliged to deal with problems regarding seating much too early to involve the possible suppliers who will produce them. Our experts have gained experience in seat development with important manufacturing companies in this sector and are ready to support both the OEM in the preliminary stages and the seating supplier in the detailing activity during the co-design phases.

Main seating systems and components covered by MGRD:

  • Structure
  • Mechanics
  • Add-on Components
  • Foam
  • Trim
  • Upholstery