MGRD’s full sealing development services are provided both directly to carmakers and indirectly to systems and components suppliers.

The sophistication achieved by seals, especially applied ones or those which interface with side doors or open roofs, require particular attention in order to make all the systems compatible with the best reciprocal efficiency, both functionally and economically.

From this prospective, MGRD is able to create added value because it is itself able to develop and deal with problems arising from many of the systems interfacing with the seals.
Consequently MGRD assists its own customers by providing ideas and finding solutions for all requirements and product types in terms of quality and functionality.

Aware of the complexity of the new challenges resulting from the above-mentioned considerations, MGRD is able to put together the right team, including process experts and, thanks to FLASH, create an organic system of interaction and communication involving all the customer’s departments and suppliers. Its aim is the sharing of the goal of improving perceived quality consistent with: systems interaction, styles, colours, materials, production feasibility and mechanical performance of the seals.

Our main services cover important areas and stages like:

Sealing section definition:

  • Interfaces verification from the preliminary feasibility studies.
  • Benchmark and lesson learnt analysis

  • Modification proposal to the interfaces
  • 2D sealing section definition, material proposal and related areas dimensioning.
  • Sealing approach verifications for movable parts. (Closures or similar)
  • Bill of material creation management (BOM)

Sealing modelling/detailing

  • 3D solid modelling of the extrusion and detailed interfaces verification +
  • Confirmation of extrusion positioning and completed sections with the interfaces
  • 3D solid modelling of the junctions and all co-moulding
  • Constant approach condition verification of the movable parts
  • Co-moulded junction volume verification

Sealing optimization and problem solving management

  • Manufacturing discussion and optimization with mould expert/supplier
  • CAE results analysis
  • Physical test results analysis
  • Final drawing release


In addition to the vast database of components for the preliminary planning stages regarding sections and extrusions, MGRD is able to supply specific benchmarking data which, through systematic dismantling, is capable of providing:

  • Geometrical solutions description with related pros and cons.
  • Fixing/joining/assembling strategies
  • Modal analysis of complete systems
  • Material properties analysis

Integrated activities

  • Virtual validation
    • CAE
      • Simulation at sealing system level
        • Sealing introduction and extraction simulation
        • Sealing reaction force verification
        • Side door glass Working condition analysis
      • simulation at body level
        • BIW/closures behaviour, such as sash condition, affected by sealing forces
    • GD&T 3D tolerance chain simulation: the activity is carried out using 3DCS software and can be addressed to all systems which interface the seals also starting from data already calculated for other systems.

      The aim is to understand under what working conditions the seal could be obtained in order to be able to optimize its characteristics and relative behaviour with the interfaces. Thanks to our diagnostic experience, and using the same software, we are also able to perform post-production verification through reverse engineering methods in order to optimize the existing solution.

Range of sealing Engineering:

  • Hood contour
  • Snow weather-strip
  • Hood sealing on front water basin
  • Vertical anti-noise Front door/fender
  • Mirror Patch
  • Front / Rear door glass run channel guide (all side door typology)
  • Front / rear door body mounted sealing (all side door typology)
  • Rocker or other additional dust or noise sealing.
  • Wind shield
  • Convertible header
  • Sun roof system
  • Trunk (for all tail gate topology)
  • Front/rear door inner/outer waist-belts line seal and with aesthetic rims