Know-how, innovative equipment and processes, professionals with outstanding interior and exterior car design experience are the essential elements which enables MGRD to create the team and the ideal direction and  give form to continually new interpretations of “emotional functionality”. The flexibility in separately managing the different design stages and the proven experience of integration with engineering, enable MGRD to provide competitive solutions ranging from brand analysis to model construction.

Whether it be a component, a finished vehicle, or other industrial design or mobility products, we can create the right team and together define the best possible development process.

The setting and city in which MGRD finds itself provides an extraordinary perspective of the tendencies and innovations with which young designers and people with proven experience from many parts of the world have developed that unique Italian capacity of defining beauty.

  • Competitor styling analysis & Brand image definition: This activity will support the definition of the concept and packaging of the car.
  • Styling research: Hand-drawn/digital sketches, bi-dimensional rendering enabling you to make the right choices.
  • C surface “CAS” development: Requested measurements, volumes and proportions, in line with the above-mentioned aspects, will appear on-screen and be ready for preliminary milling and feasibility studies.
  • Milling preliminary 3D full-scale model: Your choice of material: polyester, clay or soft resin, will be transformed by an expert team into a tangible physical representation ready for your evaluation and suggestions.
  • B surface development: Continual surface improvement and technical requirement implementation for engineering development, possible hard model milling/painting and style freezing.
  • Styling model (hard model and painted): For a more concrete style freezing target, if the customer requires.
  • A surface development: High-quality surfacing and detailing for engineering refinement and eventual physical model update.
  • Physical model styling Update: Can be done in cases of significant modification requirements.
  • A surface refinement and final certification: Quality optimizations for surface freezing and final certification by means of all analysis documents, updated full physical model or separated portions milling, if necessary.
  • Hyper realism: As implementation or as an alternative to some physical activities using class B and A surfaces, hyper realistic rendering will facilitate the style decision process and product content definition. Content requirement and the complexity of modern lighting systems, for example, are finding important solutions with this cutting-edge virtual technology.

Style research, surfacing and physical modelling processes can be more effectively adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.